Inspection Services



Inspection Services

J.R. Johnson Engineering has been inspecting steel structures since its inception. Our inspections include ultrasonic thickness testing of existing structural members to determine section loss of material, repair recommendations, repair details, and a complete report package detailing each member requiring attention and repairs. Our experienced staff strives to provide our clients with the detailed and accurate information that they need in order to properly maintain and repair their structures.


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  • Ladle Car Inspection and Rail Alignment Survey
  • Concast Caster Casting Tower
  • Caster Alignment Survey
  • Crane Runways and Buildings
  • Crane Runway Surveys
  • Foundation Inspections and Repairs
  • Piping Inspections and Repairs
  • Boiler House Operating Floor
  • Facility Field Documentation
  • Accident and Failure Investigation
  • Lift Platform Capacity Rating
  • Blast Furnace Cooling Water Splitter Box
  • Plater Line Support Structure
  • Oil Cellars
  • Blast Furnace Gas Mains
  • Furnace and Stack Thermographic Imaging
  • Lifitng Beam Inspection and Capacity Rating
  • Manufacturing Buildings
  • Coke Battery Machines
  • Flushing Liquor Decanters
  • Coke Plant Pusher Car Inspection

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