Forensic Engineering Services

J.R. Johnson Engineering performs Forensic Engineering Services for a variety of reasons including insurance claims, technical support and failure analysis. Our experienced personnel will respond quickly to your inquiry and work diligently to provide you with the Forensic Engineering Services that you require. Below is a list of the types of Forensic Engineering Services that we provide.


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Insurance Claims Technical Support

  • Damage Assessment
  • Unrelated Damage
  • Exclusion Essential
  • Repairs Scope
  • Evaluation Reconstruction
  • Design Services
  • Cost Estimating or Validation
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Litigation Technical Support

Failure Analysis

  • Structural Failure Investigation
  • Structural Damage Causation
  • Mechanical Equipment Failure/Damage
  • Electrical Equipment Failure/Damage
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Post Damage Structural Analysis
  • Materials & Methods Analysis
  • Construction Defects Review

Professional Services

  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • Investigative Engineering
  • Construction Claims Assessment
  • Technical Reports

Example Projects

  • Bridge Post-Damage Assessment
  • Retaining Wall Damage Analysis
  • Foundation Failures & Corrective Evaluation
  • Mechanical Systems Evaluation
  • Electrical Systems Evaluation


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