J. R. Johnson Engineering can assist you in planning your next project and provide timely updates throughout the life of the project. We can tell you what is complete, who is late and provide the coordination between the members of your project team.


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Our staff

  1. Specializes in schedule development and maintenance.
  2. Utilizes the Critical Path Method (CPM of scheduling).
  3. Works with your personnel and contractors to develop the detailed project plan.
  4. Will analyze the project progress regularly and work to correct variances from the project plan.
  5. Can provide daily or weekly look aheads to accurately forecast future tasks.
  6. Can provide both resource and cost loaded schedules to assist in budget and manpower control.

We have experience in Steel Mill, Fossil Power Plant, Transmission & Distribution System, Information Technology, Manufacturing Facility, Healthcare Facility, School and Food Service Projects.


  • Blast Furnace Reline
  • Electric Arc Furnace Conversion for Eccentric Bottom Tapping
  • 84″ Pickle Line Process Section Replacement
  • Galv-Anneal Line Conversion
  • Tar Precipitator Repair Project
  • Primary Crushing and Screening Modifications Engineering
  • Boiler & Turbine Maintenance Outage
  • Boiler Burner Replacement
  • Galvanizing Line Upgrade
  • Blast Furnace Outage
  • Chemical Lab Upgrade
  • Turbine Rebuild
  • BOF & Continuous Caster Startup
  • Quench & Temper Line

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