What We Do/History

J.R. Johnson Engineering was started with the intent of being a “different kind” of engineering firm. A firm that maintained a work environment where employees could thrive and clients could receive the high quality engineering services that they desired. Johnson Engineering is composed of a cadre of personnel with vast experience in a variety of industries. We provide complete engineering services in electrical, civil, structural, mechanical, HVAC, piping, machine design, and inspection services.

We also have extensive experience in construction administration and management. From our inception we realized that quality and price are of the utmost importance to our clients. Therefore, the focus of J.R. Johnson Engineering has always been on maintaining quality with the best technical talent available that is clearly accountable for assigned tasks. We strive to maintain clear lines of communication with our clients in order to ensure that we can fully understand their needs and provide them with the practical cost effective solutions to their engineering problems. Costs are controlled with the utilization of the proper mix of personnel assigned to each project in conjunction with a “no-frills” approach to overhead requirements.

Our approach allows us to provide our clients with a superior value for their investment. We strive to maintain longstanding client relationships by being responsive to our clients needs and providing high quality engineering services.