Project Controls

Our Project Controls Department provides a variety of services that include scheduling, cost estimating, cost variance analysis, procurement assistance and construction services. Our staff’s diverse experience allows us to tailor solutions that fit our client’s specific needs.


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Our team can assist you with all of your scheduling needs whether it is a milestone schedule for appropriation purposes or a detailed schedule for a critical outage, our team has the experience and skills necessary to provide you with the schedule you desire. In addition to schedule development we can also update the schedule as the projects progress providing valuable feedback on the status of your projects.

The Project Controls Department also performs Cost Estimating and Variance Analysis. From order of magnitude estimates to check bid estimates we can fulfill your requirements. Once the project is underway we can assist you in tracking the costs and any variances that may occur. This allows our clients to catch cost overruns early so that they can be minimized.

We also specialize in procurement assistance. We can assist our clients throughout the entire procurement process. We start by developing the specifications for the equipment or service. Then we establish the contractor qualifications and solicit bids. During the bidding process we process any requests for clarification prior to bid submissions. Finally we analyze the bids and provide our recommendations.

In addition we also provide construction services which include construction monitoring, contractor coordination, interface between the owner and contractor, verification of compliance with specifications and design and assisting with schedule conformance. These valuable services allow our clients to focus in the larger picture.



  • Seamless Pipe Mill Nitrogen
  • Piping-Plant Wide
  • Control Pulpit Upgrade and Renovation
  • Galvanizing Line Modernization
  • Blast Furnace and Taphole Study
  • Power Generation Plant Upgrades
  • Tube Mill Quench & Temper Line
  • Blast Furnace Reline


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