About J.R. Johnson Engineering

J.R. Johnson Engineering, Inc. is a team of engineering and design professionals committed to providing quality engineering, design and construction services to our clients. We are confident that we can provide these services at a competitive and fair price.

From the Company’s inception our mission has been to develop long standing business relationships with clients by establishing and building rapport with them in helping them solve their engineering, design and construction management problems in a timely and cost effective manner; and by communicating effectively with them.

  • To satisfy the Client’s requirements on each and every project.
  • To execute each project in a timely manner in accordance with the Client’s schedule.
  • To assign personnel to best match the requirements of the project at hand.
  • To keep the Client informed of the progress of the work and other key issues which arise during the course of the work.
  • To follow up with the Client both during and after the construction phase of the project.
  • To provide an environment in which our people can grow professionally and personally.
  • To achieve orderly and controlled growth by expanding in existing and new markets.


We are proud of our past and confident of our future. We believe that people are our only real asset and that working together with your staff we can achieve our mutual goals.

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