Project Development/ Management

Each Project has its unique objectives and challenges.  However, the methodology for project development/management is fundamentally the same and the measures of success are universal.

The major variables in project management, and the keys to successful projects, are the individual resources responsible for implementation.

J.R. Johnson Engineering, Inc. maintains a staff of highly experienced project management professionals with the capability to develop a project from inception and execute it through the design, construction and start-up phases.

Achieve the project goals and objectives  and satisfy your goals at the lowest possible cost and on schedule.

J.R. Johnson Engineering, Inc. is confident that its core values will provide the foundation for the trusting relationship with the Owner, essential for mutual success.


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  • Project Scope Defenition
  • Process Analysis and Evaluation
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Project Cost Estimating
  • Project Scheduling
  • Design Engineering
  • Construction Management and/or Monitoring
  • Project Controls


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