J.R. Johnson Engineering provided the installation engineering services for pipe threaders, inspection stations, a pipe blow out, coupling starter, bucker, full length ID drift, weigh measure stencil system, all material handling, offices and utilities within a new building on a green field site for 9.00 inch through 16.00 inch OD pipe. We completed the building, equipment and sectional general arrangements. Once all layouts were approved, J.R. Johnson Engineering developed the bidding specifications for the building, office build out, material handling equipment and rebuilding of existing equipment. We then completed bid tabulations and the client selected vendors. J.R. Johnson Engineering then updated drawings with “for construction” equipment layouts and they were reviewed by the client. Next we completed the final electrical, mechanical, and civil/structural calculations and detailed drawings were completed and installation specifications were written. We then sent them out for bidding and bid tabulations were completed. The Client selected the best contractors for their needs and installation of the threadline was successfully completed.