Steam Chamber Exhaust

J.R. Johnson Engineering provided the preliminary and final design engineering to modify a 250,000 CFM Steam Chamber Ventilation system to increase performance. The work included airflow calculations, replacement of existing 250 HP fans with new 300 HP fans, electrical modifications, new and modified ductwork to the multi-level exhaust chamber and construction supervision.


J.R. Johnson Engineering provided the installation engineering services for pipe threaders, inspection stations, a pipe blow out, coupling starter, bucker, full length ID drift, weigh measure stencil system, all material handling, offices and utilities within a new building on a green field site for 9.00 inch through 16.00 inch OD pipe. We completed the building, equipment and sectional general arrangements. Once all layouts were approved, J.R. Johnson Engineering developed the bidding specifications for the building, office build out, material handling equipment and rebuilding of existing equipment. We then completed bid tabulations and the client selected vendors. J.R. Johnson Engineering then updated drawings with “for construction” equipment layouts and they were reviewed by the client. Next we completed the final electrical, mechanical, and civil/structural calculations and detailed drawings were completed and installation specifications were written. We then sent them out for bidding and bid tabulations were completed. The Client selected the best contractors for their needs and installation of the threadline was successfully completed.

Quench and Temper Facility

This tubular quench & temper line project began with J. R. Johnson Engineering (JRJE) addressing only preliminary engineering services, which included overall equipment layouts/arrangements for products ranging in size from 1.90 inch OD to 5.5 inch OD.

The proposed equipment was to be housed in a new building on a greenfield site. After the equipment and site layouts were approved, JRJE was asked to write the equipment specifications, obtain the bids from vendors and provide a bid analysis.

As the project moved to the design phase, it was split into two parts. The first part included site development and analysis, including calculations for storm water runoff, storm sewer design with oil/water separators, sanitary sewers, process & potable water, natural gas and electrical routing, yard storage layout along with lighting and specifications for installation

The second part included prefabricated building layouts and drawing approvals, building utility sizing w/ routing drawings and details, detailed equipment locations for installation using the global coordination system, equipment foundation design and details, drawings for offices, and equipment installation specifications.

After the bid tabulations were completed, the client selected vendors and contractors that best fit their schedule and financial criteria. JRJE was the unifying force for this expansion, having involvement from the earliest conceptual layout and estimating phase, through final construction.

Steel Tube Processing Line Electrical

This project involved a complete new building on a green-field site and the installation of new steel tube equipment. The power requirements were tabulated and a complete power distribution system was designed utilizing a new 12.47kV utility service and four (4) new 12.47kV-480V substations and associated switchgear. All power and control wiring was sized according to NFPA 70 along with all exposed and embedded conduits.

SCADA RTU Replacement

This project required the replacement of the existing obsolete SCADA RTU with a new GE D20 SCADA RTU. The existing SCADA cabinet was utilized and retrofitted with all the necessary RTU modules and components. All required material was ordered and coordinated for delivery to meet the client’s in service date. All substation drawings were revised to show all of the actual SCADA control and indication points.

138kV Line Upgrade

This project required the replacement of the circuit breaker and protective relaying on a substation’s incoming 138kV transmission line. The electromechanical relays were upgraded to microprocessor based relays on new relay and control panels with all the peripheral equipment required. The breaker foundation was modified to accommodate the new breaker footprint. All disconnect switches, cables and connectors were evaluated and replaced as required.

Capacitor Bank Installation

This project involved the installation of a new 14.4MVAR, 69kV capacitor bank including new protective relays and control. Along with the capacitor bank, a new 69kV circuit switcher and SCADA RTU were also installed. The complete design package consisted of foundation designs, embedded conduits, schematics, wiring diagrams and bills of materials needed to install all equipment.

Packaged Boiler Project

J.R. Johnson Engineering provided engineering services for the installation of five (5) 80,000 PPH packaged steam water tube boilers and associated equipment at an aging steel mill powerhouse. The project included equipment layout and engineering for (5) boilers, (3) deaerator tanks, (5) duplex water softener and brine systems, (8) chemical feed systems and (2) blowdown heat recovery units.

Stress analysis was performed for all steam and boiler feed water piping, including an analysis of the existing steam main at the tie-in to the mills’ main steam distribution system. The civil/structural work included equipment foundations, pipe support towers and pipe support bents. Electrical general arrangements were developed, in addition to single line diagrams, lighting and grounding plans.